Too Young to Be a Widow

She’s my age, maybe a bit younger, and she’s a widow tonight. My heart is broken for Chandi Bryer, a friend from church.  It’s been a whirlwind three days for her, ending in the worst way.  For three days, she’s sat at Adam’s side in the ICU praying for her husband to be okay … and now he’s gone from her.  Just like that.  And it makes me weep for her.

I look at Kyle and can’t imagine …. God protect him.

I’m a bit of a stalker on FB … I looked to see if I could find any indication of what happened. I went to his page.  Saturday morning, Adam posted a photo of his desk with three Bibles open – Bible Study. Saturday evening, he posted an invitation for friends to join him out for the evening.  That was all and Chandi is left without her husband and still without answers.

Please hold her in prayer – that through all of the well-wishers and their words of comfort that will feel more like arrows piercing her soul, that she will feel God’s arms about her, that she will know whatever comes, God loves her.  That the words of people who say things like “It was God’s will” and “It will pass” or “It’ll be okay” … that their mouths will be closed, that those words will not come. But that she will be wrapped in words of love and comfort, wrapped in the arms of those who know to say nothing, but to cry with her, laugh with her – remind her of happy times, so that she can navigate the next few days for herself and her children ….

And after that … that she can take a day at a time and move forward, still feeling God’s presence when the shock of Adam’s passing wears off for the crowds and they disappear …

God embrace her, hold her, let her cry, let her laugh, let her be …




2 thoughts on “Too Young to Be a Widow

  1. Deidre says:

    After I “liked” this post, I realized I don’t like it at all. I will pray for Chandi and her kiddos. I don’t know what I would do.


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